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Self-aligning Ball Bearings

1. Photo: 

2. Category:
• Cylindrical Hole Self-aligning ball bearings
• Tapered Hole Self-aligning ball bearings
DES can provide other structures of self-aligning ball bearings for customers such as sealed self-aligning bearing, self-aligning ball bearing with extended inner ring etc. We can design and manufacture other types
 of deep groove ball bearings a customers with special requirements.
3. Specification:
• Inner diameter:25~1100mm
• Outer diameter:52~1300mm
• Width:15~300mm
4. Cages:
DES self-aligning ball bearings are supplied with a pressed steel cage, a machined solid cage or glass fiber reinforced polyimide 66 and brass solid cage.
5. Applications:
Self-aligning ball bearings can be used where may cause large shaft deflection or where the shaft deflection
 is of misalignment, such as the transmission shaft of precision instrument, motor with low noise, automobile, motorcycle, woodworker machinery and textile machinery, mining machinery, electromechanical equipment, plastics machinery, office machines, medical equipment, sports equipment, common equipment high capacity motor, generator, internal-combustion engine, combustion gas turbine, the main shaft of machine tool, graduating device, machines for loading, unloading, carrying and all kinds of machines and so on.